ACARA leads national collaboration to produce the Foundation to Year 12 Australian Curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum sets the expectations for what all young Australians should be taught, regardless of where they live in Australia or their background. ACARA draws on the best national talent and expertise, and consults widely to develop the Australian Curriculum. More information is provided about ACARA processes on the Development of the Australian Curriculum and Consultation pages.

Across Foundation – Year 12, curriculum for 43 learning areas and subjects have been developed and published on the Australian Curriculum website. ACARA is continuing to develop languages curriculum. ACARA is also developing materials to support teachers as the curriculum is being implemented. To learn more about curriculum development for each learning area, go to the Learning areas/subjects page.

Australian Curriculum endorsed

On 18 September 2015 the Education Council endorsed the Australian Curriculum in eight learning areas.
The Australian Curriculum endorsed includes:

  • The revised Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies and Health and Physical Education.
  • Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum: Languages for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish and Vietnamese.
  • Australian Curriculum: Work Studies Years 9-10 (an optional subject designed to ready young people for work).

ACARA has listened to feedback about the Australian Curriculum from state and territory curriculum and school authorities and practising teachers. The curriculum has been amended to improve its manageability, simplify its presentation, and strengthen the focus on literacy.

For more information

To find out what has changed in the Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum:

  • The document ‘Tracked changes to F-10 Australian Curriculum’ is available here
  • Consultation on the draft changes took place between April and May 2015. The consultation report is available here.